Lite Byte Spring Bobber, World’s best ice fishing bobber



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Litebytebobber in Action


Take our Advice and Put More Pan Fish on the Ice

World’s Best Ice Fishing Spring Bobber

Can be added to any ultra-light ice fishing rod


  • This ice fishing Spring bobber works.. period.. it will take any generic ultralight ice rod and immediately transform it into a rod with sensitivity equal to or greater than that $60.00 rod that is made up in Minnesota….which in my opinion is it’s only competition.
  • This ice rod accessory is made out of quality components that will last a lifetime, you will never need to buy another ice bobber for pan fish or perch/crappie
  • This Spring bobber is highly resistant to “icing up” in extreme weather.
  • This ice fishing bobber won’t move around on your rod, it stays where you put it, forever.
  • This bobber can be adjusted to operate with YOUR rod. It can be positioned where you want the spring to be in order for you to best read the bite, and to be most comfortable for those long days on the ice “pounding” the pan fish.
  • This bobber can be added to a customer’s existing rod collection at home, turning them into effective fishing tools as well.
  • Any seasoned fisherman, or novice, can apply this accessory to their rod in a matter of 5 minutes with just a cigarette lighter on hand.
  • This strike indicator will react if the fish strikes from ANY direction, if it comes up to meet the bait, or takes it and goes down, or to the side, it reads 360 degrees.
  • Any novice, in a matter of minutes can learn to “read the bite” on this bobber, regardless how light they are hitting, it has been my personal observation that those slab sided blue gills, you know, the ones with the broad shoulders, are the lightest hitting pan fish out there thru the ice.
  • This ice fishing spring bobber is made by hand in the USA