LITE-BYTE World’s Best Ice Fishing Spring Bobber


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Tell me if these things frustrate you as much as they do me…


You put one of those flat spring bobbers on your rod and they won’t stay put, you are constantly putting them back in place. There is no good way to attach them to your pole. In addition, they are just not sensitive enough to pick up those light bites…

You put one of those coil spring bobbers that plug into the rod tip on your rod, then the line threads through the spring but every time you get the big bluegills going, you spend more time trying to suck the ice off the spring than you do fishing.

You know about that rod manufacturer up in Minnesota that sells the rod and spring bobber as a combination and they get $60.00 for it. Man, pan fish just got expensive by the pound…..

You are just plain tired of buying foreign junk that does not work…..

So I decided to make my own solution that any sportsmen could add to his rod… letting them get out there and fish along side of the $60.00 rods just as effectively.


Here is my solution….

THE LITE-BYTE@ SPRING BOBBER KIT uses a size 3.5 rod tip and will fit virtually any Ultra light ice rod, it can be added to your favorite rod in less than 2 minutes with just the use of a cigarette lighter, everything else is provided in the kit…

The LITE-BYTE@ spring bobber is MADE IN THE USA, right here in the Midwest, each bobber kit is made by hand with high quality components and will provide years of use for the sportsmen.


Replacement springs are available, should you need one. Unless damaged a spring will last for years.


Now you have the sensitivity you need to read ANY bite. This bobber reads on the up stroke, down stroke, or side hit and will read the most subtle of bites

Once applied, it will not move, unless you heat it back up and move it.

If you buy another rod you like better, you can move it to your new rod in 2 minutes time, or better yet, buy another LITE-BYTE@ kit for the new rod as well!

It will not ice up in even the coldest conditions, I have fished this bobber in extreme cold as deep as 60 feet down where the big gills suspend with no problems.

Any sportsmen can learn to “read the bite” in a matter of minutes out on the ice, it’s simple to use..

These kits will be available at a limited amount of bait shops this year, … they will retail at $9.15 in the stores, and will be  the same price here on-line. with free shipping. They will solve all of your ice fishing bobber issues for good.

Below is a copy of the installation instructions so you can see just how easy it really is, it is as simple as replacing a rod tip on any of your rods.

Lite-Byte Panfish Spring Bobber Kit


Installation/Instructions Enclosed:

1- Lite-Byte Panfish Spring Bobber tip with spring

1- Stick of heat activated rod tip glue

1- Set of installation instructions


You will need:

1-Lite-Byte Panfish Spring Bobber Kit

1- Cigarette lighter, or long wooden matches


Instructions for replacing your existing rod tip with the Lite-Byte Pan fish Spring Bobber tip:

Carefully remove your current rod tip by heating the metal tip briefly with the cigarette lighter, or match. Move the flame back and forth applying only enough heat to remove the tip.

Using the cigarette lighter, or match, melt the end of the glue stick  supplied with the kit.

Immediately apply glue to the rod tip (the end of the rod)

Using the cigarette lighter or match, briefly apply heat to the glue already applied on the end of your rod, this re-heats the glue for maximum adhesion, now slide your new Lite Byte Spring Bobber tip onto the end of your rod.

Immediately align the tip guide with the other guides on the rod . Hold for 3 or 4 seconds until the glue sets.  You can experiment with off-setting the tip either right or left a little to gain sensitivity on the spring, or to add comfort to how you hold the rod and “read” the bite with the spring

Allow to dry 1 hour before using, you will have a nice “professional job and be proud that you did it yourself!

You will be amazed at the sensitivity of this strike indicator and will dramatically increase your number of pan fish on the ice.


Good Fishing, see you on the ice!


Your fellow sportsmen at Lite-Byte, LLC