Quick Creel Portable Live Well



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Our goal as a retailer and manufacturer is to provide you with the best value outdoor sports equipment available today. When we introduce a product, it is after sourcing the best quality components, labor, and assembly to provide you with an American made product that will out perform, out last, and provide lasting value above any item of it’s kind in the marketplace today. With that said,  I would like to introduce you to the “Quick Creel portable live well” by Litebytebobber.com,  a new product that has been in testing and development for a couple years and will be released  for sale by September 1st of this year. The Quick Creel is designed with the small boat fisherman in mind (we are betting there are a lot more people fishing out of 14’ Jon Boats than there are out of expensive 21’ bass boats) personally I fish out of a 14’ Sea Nymph, and I have never liked my options to hold and contain my catch while I am out on the lake. Sure there are rope stringers, clip stringers, collapsible metal fish bags, floating fish bags, etc… but none of them are easy to use, designed for a lifetime of fishing, keep your catch alive and healthy, and designed to get your catch “in the bag” quickly and get your line back out in the water and back on the fish quickly while they are still feeding. The Quick Creel answers all those issues, it is made of solid 6061 aluminum and stainless steel fasteners, using a polyester bag and is designed to fit in any ½” oar lock, or Atwood or Scott type rod holder base and is angled upward to provide the optimal opening to receive fish. The Quick Creel is very lightweight and stow able (great for you Kayak anglers) the net is 36” long so it will hang in the water from virtually any spot on the boat, the net is square bottomed providing ample room for a large catch, and the hoop opening is a whopping 11” wide so you and your fishing buddy can virtually throw fish at the Quick Creel portable live well and get back to the business of catching more fish, quickly. Additionally, although the nets are VERY durable, replacement polyester bags are available and are easy to install should the need arise.

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